Our bodies are wise - infinitely wise - but in the busy modern world, we often forget to listen.

We've found that the practice of herbal medicine teaches us to listen, & when we tune in, incredible things happen.

Wanna join the fun?

I can't thank you enough for the valuable wisdom and knowledge you have given me over these past weeks.  I know I can truly live a healthier life now because of the two of you!

- Wes S.

Hi! It's Eileen & Amy :)

People know us as the Herb Girls. We are Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioners & Clinical Herbalists based in the gloriously green southeastern United States.

We love herbal medicine. We love it so much we have dedicated our lives to it. Herbs hold a rare & magical gift: they are the missing link reconnecting humans back to Nature. They can show us the way home.

There's an undeniable parallel between how we treat the planet & how we treat our bodies. When we learn to heal one, we inevitably heal both. We honor our ancestors, our planet, and ourselves when we carry on the practice of herbal medicine, & we would love for you to join us.